Who are Hellobosnia?

HelloBosnia represents a group of Bosnia and Herzegovina enthusiasts with a thorough understanding of various cultural backgrounds and preferences of global tourists. The untouched nature, captivating history, cultural diversity, and unrivalled Bosnian hospitality inspires us to highlight and share it with the rest of the world and especially with those who are yet to discover all the hidden gems of Bosnia including travellers from the Middle East,  North African (MENA) and Scandinavian markets. We are committed to identifying, designing and presenting enriching Bosnian experiences with the highest standards of professionalism and customer care.

Where is HelloBosnia Based?

HelloBosnia’s registered office is in Dubai, UAE with a representative in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Stockholm, Sweden. Therefore, having our team and various service vendors and partners in the UAE, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Scandinavia enable us to design and bring the best of Bosnia and Herzegovina to discerning tastes of our MENA, Scandinavia and global clientele.

What can I expect to find on HelloBosnia?

HelloBosnia brings you important and useful information about Bosnia and Herzegovina as a holiday destination. We select the best destinations and attractions and couple them with superb local accommodation and activities. Our packages are designed to help plan your trip from the comfort of your home. Whether you are looking for a fun family trip, a short break amongst nature or  an adrenaline-thrilling holiday, you are sure to be able to find a package that suits your time, budget and desires. Knowing that a host familiar with your preferences is waiting for you in Bosnia will ensure your experience of Bosnia’s outstanding blend of nature, history and hospitality matches your expectations. You will not be disappointed!

What does the price include?

The inclusions and exclusions of each travel package are clearly mentioned in the description including its terms and conditions. Please read carefully as packages will vary.

How do I know if my purchase is confirmed?

Your best option for purchasing on our site is to register an account. However, you can also make use of our Instant Check-out option which does not require you to register an account.

Browse our line-up of bespoke holidays to find the one you want, select the number of tickets you require and click ”Book Now”.

When you place your booking successfully you will receive two emails: 1) Booking acknowledgement and 2) Booking confirmation. Your payment is processed once booking is confirmed successfully by our hosts.

What if I did not receive confirmation of my purchase?

In the unlikely event that you have not received your confirmation please contact us via email immediately and we will be happy to resend.

Can I cancel my purchase?

HelloBosnia is committed to delivering the best of customer care and yes, you will be able to cancel your purchase. Please note that this is valid only insofar as our partners allow us to make cancellations as well.

Will I receive a refund for the cancellation made?

In the case that our booking partners such as hotels or tour operators do not impose any cancellation restrictions or penalties you will receive your refund in full reduced by the amount of any charges made by financial institutions. Please read carefully the terms and conditions of your chosen travel package including cancellation limitations, if any.

I am making a purchase using my credit card, when will I be charged? 

You will be charged at the time your booking is confirmed successfully by our hosts

I don’t have a credit card. Can I still make a purchase?

Yes, HelloBosnia accepts a variety of payment methods. If you are unable to make payments online you can make payments in cash (in the UAE and Saudi Arabia).  Please note that currently our payments are available only in GCC countries. Other regions and countries will be added very soon.