Bosnia & Herzegovina is firmly on the world tourism map with thousands of tourists visiting this captivating, mountainous country in the Balkans, booking travel itineraries so varied in activities that one may otherwise have to visit more than one continent to experience the same activities.

A central place where east and west have been mingling for centuries, this country is brimming with exciting adventure, boasting of natural wonders, swirling with different blends of cultural richness, documenting historical milestones of international consequence, treating the world to one of the best gastronomic experiences whilst playing host to a myriad of international events.

Whether it’s a lone figure plummeting 60 feet alongside thundering cascades into an abyss of water spray or pristine snow-capped mountains that beckon or walking through a time warp into a traditional village resembling ancient times, every day spent in Bosnia & Herzegovina is filled with special experiences so unique even repeat tourists are wide eyed in awe of its beauty.


Experience the adrenaline rush whilst enveloped in so much beauty and nature as if you were in an advertisement. The vivid colours of your surroundings, the crisp air, the cacophony of nature, the fresh drinkable water, the pristine white slopes, and the ever important low rates that brought you there with an “I’m-loving-this” smile on your face is not a choreographed photograph but the reason why thousands of tourists are booking bespoke travel packages to Bosnia & Herzegovina.

This South-Eastern European country has a landscape rich in adventure trails that are no longer a well-kept secret. Whether you want to go rafting down a 22km route with intermittent rapids, camp in the wilderness, speed down snowy slopes where the winter Olympics was once held or look up in awe from between 1,000m high Grand Canyon walls or…all of the above, the adventure packages listed here are comprehensive and well planned out for an unforgettable holiday in Bosnia & Herzegovina.


A historian’s playground, Bosnia & Herzegovina holds many chapters of a book on ancient civilizations preserved in a glass. Many historical structures are national monuments and are in plain sight whilst some are known to only a few who seek them out and even less who know of its location like the Mithras alter in Jajce.

However, so much of Bosnia & Herzegovina’s history has blended into the country’s current landscape of nature and concrete that even non history majors with a vivid imagination are transported to a different time in a flash. Medieval forts, old cobble stoned bazaars and ancient places of worship are tell-tale signs of a nation that has embraced different rules over centuries. Less like a history lesson and more like an Indian Jones set, these packages will take tourists on an exciting journey that will be etched in their memories forever.



Tourists rarely write home about their gastronomic experiences, understandably, but even foodies who visit Bosnia & Herzegovina are taking time to find the words that best describe the country’s cuisines. Its Ottoman rule has left versions of Turkish staples and sweets from the best burek in the Balkans to cevapcici, soups (corba) and tufahije. This is one holiday you might want to ask for the menu before you book your trip. The packages here will get you started.


Bearing the scars of recent turmoil in plain sight, Bosnia & Herzegovina is a unique blend of cultures that date back centuries. Tourists to this country will immediately feel the warm embrace of her people and their vibrant nature are not linked to any one empire that ruled these lands.

The Slavs settled here in the 6th century but you can still find mystical Byzantine traditions, the Romanesque influence from the Franciscan church, small traces of the Jewish communities that settled here in the 15th century, and the unmistakable opulence of the Ottoman influence. Cultural experiences that tourists have in Bosnia & Herzegovina are packed into every single travel package you opt for but some have a more specific focus.


Once in Sarajevo, tourists would not have to travel very far to experience nature’s beauty or dip into a spring. The Spring of River Bosna is in the heart of Sarajevo set amidst a beautiful national park. The further away from the capital city one travels, the more varied and thrilling the experiences become.

From the tops of the Dinaric Alps all the way down to the calm waters of the Adriatic coastline, Bosnia & Herzegovina boasts of indigenous vegetation and animals, thundering waterfalls, a Grand Canyon, lush forests, pristine rivers, lakes, caves, a single stretch of beach and not forgetting a pyramid complex. Holiday packages here cover all of these experiences with some holidays covering a select few, but if you are nature enthusiast, deciding on a holiday package in Bosnia & Herzegovina will be hard as you really will be spoilt for choice.


Bosnia & Herzegovina is ever evolving and its concrete scenery with modern abstract buildings are a stark testament to this evolution in its architectural landscape. However, the country’s rich history still has a presence in this country and is evident from the façade of churches, minarets, forts, bridges and even homes.

The country was ruled for 500 years, first by the Ottoman empire than briefly by the Austra-Hungarians and each have inevitably influenced the culture and architecture of this land. Enjoy holidays that will take you around the country to medieval sites and cobble stoned bazaars from ancient times, alongside stunning natural wonders.